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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Thursday, October 15, 2020

Local Arts Academies carry out level passes

Camagüey, Oct 15.- For the first time since its creation more than five decades ago, the Artistic Teaching System of the province of Camagüey carries out its level pass evaluations of the different specialties in the schools that comprise it, with a jury made up of specialists and professors from the territory.

María Julia Gonzáles Sariol, director of the institution in the territory, commented to the Cuban News Agency that they joined for this process, approved by the National Council of Art Schools based on the regulations imposed by Covid-19, members from the local artistic avant-garde, company directors, and the most experienced teachers.

Several members of the Camagüey Ballet make up the jury of this specialty, whose examinations have already been carried out, and in the next few days it will be dance.

The quality of teaching in Camagüey educational centers aimed at artistic training is recognized at the national level.

This work also falls on the Luis Casas Romero Vocational School, with students at the elementary levels of music and dance, as well as the José White Conservatory of Music, a center in charge of the continuity of middle-level studies in music, in addition to the Academy Vicentina de la Torre Arts.

On several occasions over the years the aforementioned National Council has recognized the high level of integration existing between all the manifestations, as well as its fulfillment in the training of students, according to the demand of the different institutes.

The faculty of each Camagüey art school acquires special importance, which stand out for the quality of learning, especially in elements associated with the level pass and the obtaining of various prizes by students and teachers in festivals and competitions. (Text and photo: ACN)