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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Friday, October 23, 2020

Art students in Camagüey completed level pass

Camagüey, Oct 23.- Artistic education in Camagüey completed the level pass, a rigorous process that put students, teachers and family members in tension, due to the readjustments of the 2019-2020 academic year due to Covid-19.

Out of 14 ballet students, 13 passed. The 11 dance students beat the target. For music they examined 28: of the 24 from the school, 18 passed; and of the four presented by contest or free call, two qualified.

María Julia González Sariol, deputy director of Artistic Education in Camagüey, highlighted the quality of the courts, integrated in each specialty by artists and professors, of the creative vanguard, active in groups and members of the UNEAC and the AHS.

The recruitment process in ballet and dance continues for children who finished fourth grade. Those interested should contact the Vicentina de la Torre Academy of Arts and the Luis Casas Romero Vocational School of Art.

As for the new course, it will begin “on November 2, with around 725 students from 12 Camagüey municipalities and 10 provinces. We have a full faculty in education and specialty”.

“The incorporation of students from other provinces is expected from October 29. Conditions have been created in residences and common areas for social distancing, the use of hypochlorite and frequent hand washing,” said María Julia. ( Yanetsy León González / Adelante) (Photo: Rodolfo Blanco)