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Monday, May 10, 2021
Saturday, October 24, 2020

We need to understand the new normal, says Cuban Prime Minister

Havana, Oct 24.- "The country needs to consolidate the new normal and activate its economy," Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz reflected this Friday during the meeting of the Temporary Working Group of the Government to confront Covid-19, which evaluated the epidemiological situation in the national territory.

In the Palace of the Revolution, Marrero Cruz insisted on the importance of extreme surveillance and control measures to prevent us from having setbacks, because even in those places where cases are not reported there could be asymptomatic people.

In a particular way regarding Havana, the Prime Minister called to reinforce compliance with all the established protocols to ensure that there is no backward movement in the indicators achieved.

During the meeting, the governor of Pinar del Río, Rubén Ramos Moreno, offered updated information about the complex scenario presented by the westernmost of the Cuban provinces, which this week regressed to the epidemic stage, in its phase of limited local transmission.

Through videoconference, Ramos Moreno explained that the territory has two local broadcast events open, in the municipalities of Guane and Consolación del Sur.

With 193 confirmed patients in the last 15 days, the province continues to increase the investigation in the communities and guaranteeing its quality and depth, according to the Governor.

Teresita Romero Rodríguez, governor of Sancti Spíritus, a territory that has the highest incidence rate of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past two weeks.

With 166 contagions reported in the last fortnight, the province of Spiritus has three local transmission events open in the main municipality, with several days without contributing new cases of the disease; and another in Trinidad, this in the evaluation phase for its possible closure next week, according to the Governor.

He explained that the priority is to continue the detection of people suspected of carrying the virus and contacts of confirmed cases, so they insist on guaranteeing the highest quality in the investigation.

On this day, the epidemiological scenario of the province of Ciego de Ávila was also known, where 43 positive cases have been reported in the last 15 days and two local transmission events are still active in its main municipality.

Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas stressed that there is a decrease in cases, 200 less compared to the previous fortnight, "so the risk of becoming ill in the territory decreases from a rate of 57.43 per hundred thousand inhabitants to 9.84 ".

Martín Venegas specified that 77% of the population was investigated this Thursday, an issue that is at the core of the work carried out by the health authorities in the central province.

During the meeting of the Temporary Working Group of the Government, Havana gave an account, that currently does not have open local broadcast events, because in the last hours the one that was active in the municipality of Centro Habana was closed.

Governor Reinaldo García Zapata said that after 3,849 samples were processed, no positive cases were reported, but that does not mean that surveillance and control are reduced. He explained that special attention is paid to the 16 active spotlight controls.

Cuba has kept 450 patients confirmed with Covid-19 hospitalized to date, but the number of admissions is much higher, since 3,489 people remained admitted for care and epidemiological surveillance in centers for lower-risk suspects and for travelers, according to data provided by the Minister of Public Health, José Ángel Portal Miranda.

The headline asserted that based on the number of reported infections - six thousand 479 as of this Friday - Cuba ranks 21st in the Americas region and 116th in the world.

Certainly, there is still a long way to go to win the battle against this disease that, since March, broke the normality of the country. Continuing to decrease those numbers to cut the spread of Covid-19 is everyone's responsibility. (Cuban Presidency) (Photo: Revolution Studies)