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Monday, May 10, 2021
Saturday, October 24, 2020

Cuba: Parliament agenda issued

Havana, Oct 24.- Homero Acosta Álvarez, secretary of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP / Parliament), reported the schedule of activities for the next ordinary session of the legislative body, which, for the first time, will be held through videoconferences.

The deputy clarified that although the call establishes that the session is on October 28, the previous days there will be work meetings, whose prelude took place on the 20th when the parliamentarians received information from the speakers on the four draft laws that will be submitted to approval.

According to Acosta Álvarez, normally the speakers make a previous tour of the territories to explain the documents, clarify the doubts, which allows them to pave the way for the national meeting.

Under the current circumstances, he said, the ANPP adopted a group of hygienic-sanitary measures in all provinces, including carrying out a PCR test on deputies, journalists and support personnel.

He pointed out that only the deputies of the capital and others elected by other provinces residing in the city will be in the Havana Convention Center, as well as the Council of State in full.

There will be a total of 234 deputies in this room, and the rest in each provincial capital, he stressed.

According to the secretary of the ANPP, there are currently 590 deputies, of 605 who were initially, and the losses are for different reasons, including death.

He specified that on October 26 they will begin with a new meeting to analyze the draft laws, where they will be able to exchange to seek consensus.

Normally, work is carried out in commissions, but in the current circumstances there will be variations and on Monday evening only the commissions on Constitutional and Legal Affairs, Economic Affairs and International Relations will meet to analyze and approve the proposals for opinions.

The first day in the afternoon, he said, will also be the swearing-in of new deputies throughout the country, and on the 27th there will be an informative meeting, where the confrontation with the pandemic and the ordering task will be addressed.

Acosta Álvarez explained that Wednesday will be the V Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of People's Power, where the report on the settlement of the 2019 budget will be presented, the progress of the Economic and Social Strategy will be explained, and the analysis will be carried out. of the bills.

In addition, the decisions of the Council of State will be ratified - in the midst of the confrontation with Covid-19, 14 decree laws have been approved, some that were not even on the legislative schedule.

The secretary of the ANPP pointed out that the organs of Popular Power have played an active role in confronting the pandemic, especially the grassroots delegates, in working with community factors, caring for vulnerable people and supporting the compliance with hygienic-sanitary measures.

The members of the permanent work commissions have also fulfilled their work, and even, in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Health, some checked compliance with the guidelines given by the highest authorities of the country. (ACN) (Photo: File)