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Sunday, June 13, 2021
Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Today, ordinary session of Cuban Parliament in its IX Legislature

Havana, Oct 28.- Today, the V Ordinary Period of Sessions of the National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP / Cuban Parliament) will take place in its IX Legislature, a space in which four bills will be submitted for approval and important economic issues will be discussed.

After two days of work, more than 200 deputies will meet at the Havana Convention Center and the rest will participate by videoconference from their respective provinces due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This Wednesday the report of the 2019 budget will be presented and the progress of the country's Economic and Social Strategy will be explained.

In addition, after their study and prior discussion, the parliamentarians will analyze and vote on the bills of Foreign Service, the organization and functioning of the Council of Ministers, the revocation of those elected to the organs of People's Power, and the President and Vice President of the Republic.

As part of the session, the decisions of the State Council will be ratified - in the midst of the confrontation with Covid-19, 14 decree laws have been approved, some that were not even on the legislative schedule.

With the presence of Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of the Republic, on Monday and last Tuesday the deputies also received information on the epidemiological situation of the nation, the plan to confront the pandemic, as well as an update on the ordering process. monetary.

Likewise, 20 Cuban citizens were sworn in as new deputies of the ANPP, to whom the island's president wished them success in future tasks. (ACN) (Photo: File)