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Thursday, March 4, 2021
Thursday, November 12, 2020

Bronze for Cuban Thalia Fidelia Castillo in the Online Under-17 Weightlifting World Cup

Havana, Nov 12.- Thalía Fidelia Castillo Contreras , from Villa Clara, gave Cuba the first medal in the Online Under-17 World Cup in Weights today, with its main headquarters in the Villa Deportiva Nacional ( Videna ) in Lima, Peru. 

Castillo got bronze in the 40 kg clean and jerk test, with perfect heights of 52, 55 and 58 kilograms. The Peruvian Zayuri Sullca (62 kg) and the Turkish Ezgi Kilic (59 kg) surpassed him .

In the start and biathlon, the Cuban conquered fifth places among the seven protagonists of group A, and also in general.

In the first movement he missed with 40 and 44 kg on the bar, so the lift of 42 kg earned him the final position. That exercise was dominated by the Turkish Kilic with a height of 50 kg.

Kilic also reigned in the total , with 109 “kilos”, ahead of Sullca (105 kg) and the Polish Zofia Beslinska (102 kg). The Cuban added 100 kg.

On this same day, Dayanis Escobar from Holguin competed in group B of the 45 kg and obtained third places in snatch, clean and jerk and total. At the close of the competition, he ranked eleventh.

Some 420 weightlifters from 62 countries will participate in the fair, in an extended program from today until November 18. Cuba will have representatives every day. (Text and photo: Jit)