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Thursday, March 4, 2021
Thursday, December 17, 2020

United by love and teaching

By Gladys Dailyn Morera Cordero / Radio Cadena Agramonte

They hold hands with elegance, affection and complicity; it is a sign of the support, trust and pride they feel for each other. Almost half a century in love and profession share Olga Lidia Núñez Rodríguez and Ángel Luis Gómez Cardoso. She, director of the Camagüey Center for Diagnosis and Orientation; he, a professor at the Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz University.

Its history dates back to the years of study, when Ángel Luis, after graduating from the Pedagogical School as one of the best records, became a professor at that same institution.

“From then on I started to admire him - confesses Olga Lidia. He taught us Geography and Spanish, and his intelligence captivated me. But I found it a bit flattering, and besides, we were a student and a teacher. Then we met several times, but it seemed to me that we were very different, because I was very serious and he was happy, "she says with a laugh.

In 44 years of marriage, we achieved two daughters and four grandchildren - Ángel Luis Gómez Cardoso notes -; "They are all scholars and good people."

They made an effort, and life rewarded the sacrifice and good will of this couple who saw their transformation as human beings in Pedagogy.

"I never allowed her to lag behind. We both became graduates with a gold degree; then we already had the oldest girl and I got a master's degree first and then I was her tutor; a few years later I became a doctor and was then a tutor of his doctorate as well. Supporting us has been the key to everything. "

But Olguita - as he refers to his wife - was not far behind. “She has a decisive role in special education. She was the director special teaching in the municipality of Camagüey, and working with children with special characteristics has allowed us to see life in a different way.

“You have to have a special vocation, dedication and commitment to care for these children and their families. Sensitivity and dedication are essential, and she has plenty of that”.

Together, Olguita and Ángel Luis, have learned that in teaching it is essential to learn in the students. This is the reason why each of those who have passed through his hands carry him in their hearts.

Although today they do not assume the classroom as a permanent activity, they contribute to the development of the teaching profession in Camagüey from different functions and the experience of 50 years of profession.

"The most difficult thing that we have had to face is that our youngest grandson, being his grandparents and his mother speech therapist and educators, at nine years old does not speak; he presents a dysphasia. It may seem like a height, but it is the truth. That is what hardest that I have had to face in my years as an educator: seeing that with the resources in hand, our grandson cannot communicate orally”.

With a sign of cracking in his voice, and a humility that only great men reveal, Ángel Luis takes Olguita's hands again, with the same elegance, affection and complicity as when he began this dialogue. The support, trust and inestimable company have been essential for each one in their work in favor of Cuban education. (Photo: Courtesy of the interviewees)