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Thursday, March 4, 2021
Monday, December 28, 2020

The power conquered and defended by women of Camaguey

By Dania Díaz Socarrás / Radio Cadena Agramonte

Camagüeyan women are empowered women since the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. Is there much to do, to achieve, especially there, at home, at the base, in the closest environments? True. But the path, the history, the political conception that we defend, favors us, and we cannot forget that.

As I read a few days ago in a Facebook post: May injustice not stop you, radicalize you. Let us remember then, in our day to day, how much we are capable of doing, and we demand what by right and conquest corresponds to us, to be each one from our own little piece, true empowered women, in any sphere of our lives.

After all, practically all the women of today empower ourselves in some way, from studies, in the profession we choose, or in the exercise of equal rights. In our country, equality of opportunities for all has been a banner since 1959, and with the founding of the Federation of Cuban Women, for example, conditions were ensured for their access to apprenticeships and work, from the creation of children's circles , the Houses of Orientation to Women and the Family, among other alternatives.

Now we hear more than ever about female empowerment; This is how the times demand it, and here the greatest of powers: that of the people, is also in the hands of those who are usually as delicate as they are firm. Dixami Rodríguez Gómez and Beatriz Rodríguez Fernández attest to this .

The first is a deputy to the National Assembly of People's Power for the municipality of Camagüey, a delegate from circumscription 160, in the community of Los Coquitos, and deputy director of Education in the provincial capital. The second is also a deputy to the Cuban parliament for the municipality of Florida, and president of the Municipal Assembly in that demarcation.

Both, like many others, have played a decisive role in 2020 in the greatest of all the challenges that the year has imposed on us: preserving life in the face of Covid-19. Dixami , in his multiple roles, led sustained community work in these months that included messaging services to the most vulnerable population and differentiated care, especially to the elderly.

In addition, he joined the revolutionary detachments that worked daily to prevent the hoarding and resale of basic necessities, for sale in Camagüey stores.

Regarding education in the municipality, he also comments on how much was done to - as in the rest of the country - ensure in all teaching centers, strict compliance with sanitary hygiene measures and prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 .

Likewise, for Beatriz Rodríguez this has also been an intense period of testing of her capacities for action and direction in favor of the people, after facing from the Popular Power in Florida, the first quarantine in the province and one of the first in the country, in the Argentine popular council, with unique geographical characteristics: 17 access points from other territories and the almost total intervention of the railroad in that area.

Their work and that of many other Floridian women made them emerge unscathed from that situation, as well as from the severe local storm that affected the same community just the night after the quarantine was lifted, leaving more than 400 homeless. families, homes that were recovered in the following weeks.

Already in this last month of the year, Dixami and Beatriz, also had a voice and vote in the legislative processes that the country has experienced, for the approval, as they had done months before with the other regulations, of laws related precisely to the Councils of the Administration and the People's Power, tasks that, they say, have increased their convictions and love for the Cuban Revolution.

Not a few daughters of this land are part of the support of governmental, political and power structures of the people; and Camagüey has been and is one of the provinces with the highest number of women in management functions in the different sectors, therefore, what has been positive in this year for the nation, is largely due to the constant action of women as empowered as they, who defend the people of which they are a part on a daily basis.

For 2021 and the years to come, the plans of this Island are many and in all, absolutely in all, the women of Camagüey are and will continue, those who make an act of emancipation of their power, and fight for the conquests that we still have. they remain to be achieved, in a radical, revolutionary and just way.

For this they have great names and examples in history, with daily events that endorse it and with the human essence above the condition of men and women, which defends and makes possible the socialism that we build. (Photos: Archive)