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Monday, March 1, 2021
Thursday, December 31, 2020

Leuris Pupo and Jorge Félix Álvarez will return to training in Peru

Havana, Dec 31.- Cuban shooters Leuris Pupo and Jorge Félix Álvarez plan to return to Peru from next January 15, to carry out a training base for their participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games.

As the national commissioner Julio Fidel Hernández announced to Jit, the two specialists of the 25-meter rapid-fire pistol, together with their coach Meinardo Torres, will remain in the Andean country until March as the start of their preparation, as has happened in the last two years.

Álvarez and Pupo were already in the Peruvian capital at the beginning of 2019 as an agreement with the local federation, something very profitable, because then there they obtained gold and silver, respectively, in that modality in the Pan American Games.

Jorge Félix's gold medal gave him the ticket to the Japanese event under the five rings. The London 2012 Olympic champion, Pupo, obtained it before in the XII Cup of the Americas in Guadalajara, Mexico, held in November 2018.

Cuba has three other classifieds for Tokyo with the equally gunmen Laina Pérez and Jorge Grau, along with the rifleman Eglys de la Cruz, for whom the commissioner explained that variants are being sought for their training in Peru itself or in Central American nations, such as El Salvador or Guatemala.

The difficulties with the acquisition of ammunition due to the blockade of the United States to Cuba is the main affectation for the training of the national shooting teams.

Upon returning to Lima, the young Álvarez recalled the very positive of the first stay and that after the continental event they kept training at the Las Palmas air base polygon and were even able to attend a World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

"At the beginning of this year we returned to prepare for Tokyo, but the global situation due to the pandemic forced us to stop the international calendar, including the Olympic Games, and we returned in March thanks to the efforts of the Cuban government to organize a humanitarian flight ”he added.

“Since then we have not been able to shoot with bullets, so undoubtedly this new support from INDER (National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation) will be essential to prepare all qualifiers. Let's hope that current problems regarding visas and flight restrictions will be solved due to the effects of Covid-19 to return to Lima, ”said the tan at the 2019 Munich World Cup.

"We are already used to not training to the maximum due to these difficulties, but Cuban athletes have always known how to overcome ourselves and seek the best results, and that is how it will be again," he concluded. (Jit) (Photo: File / Roberto Morejón)