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Monday, March 1, 2021
Friday, January 1, 2021

PESCACAM closed its production efficiently in 2020

Camagüey, Jan 1.- The Aquaculture and Industrial Fishing Company of the Province of Camagüey (PESCACAM) closes 2020 with a general catch of 4,326 tons (t) of fish, a figure that exceeds the plan, and within which the They include the 302 t obtained from the coastal platforms in the north of the province.

As JesúsGarcía Collazo, general director of the aforementioned entity, commented to the ACN, they exceeded the planned programs, since at the beginning of the year the goal was to reach 4,215 tons, and due to the disciplined actions of the workforce the results were superior.

Such results also favored, as the main benefit, the production of 2,530 t of food, with a greater predominance of croquette, mincemeat and hamburger dough, among other lines, he explained.

In addition, he said that in this way it contributed to the coverage of the commercial demand of the territory in its points of sale, network of fishmongers, specialized stores and other distribution variants.

During the months of social isolation due to Covid-19, PESCACAM was one of the entities of its kind with outstanding contributions, since it contributed to the preparation of modules with these foods, which were distributed through controlled sale in the warehouses of the Province.

García Collazo also commented that of the HG tench -dehead and gutted- an important export item, as well as their swim bladder, used for various purposes in the Asian continent, 3.1 t and 213 t, respectively, were processed.

Depending on the capture levels in dams, micro-dams and water bodies of the territory, which amount to 20 thousand hectares in reservoirs, there was more or less commercialization of the different foods.

The catches are made mainly in the Jimaguayú dam, in the Vertientes municipality, the largest in the province of Camagüey with more than 200 million cubic meters of water reservoir capacity, La Muñoz, in Florida, Máximo in Minas and Atalaya in Nuevitas, and in two small platforms in the coastal areas of Puerto Piloto and Jigüey, in the Sierra de Cubitas and Esmeralda municipalities, in each case.

In addition, the manager referred to the fact that the recovery of the aquaculture fauna in the reservoirs is included in the Company's Development Plan until 2030, in order to continue promoting the stocking and obtaining of fingerlings.

Currently PESCACAM is one of the entities that in the country has a closed cycle, that is, reproduction, cultivation, capture, industrialization and commercialization. (ACN) (Photo: File)