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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Monday, January 18, 2021

Municipality of Camagüey has three blocks under reinforced surveillance with limited movement

Camagüey, Jan 18.- The  Defense Council of Camagüey, along with the highest authorities of that body at the provincial level, presented this Sunday the strategy to be followed in the territory, currently in the phase of limited autochthonous transmission of Covid-19, in the face of an  increase in cases over the course of the past week.

During the appointment, Iluminada Menéndez Placeres, Director of Health in the main municipality, made an update on the epidemiological situation, about which he referred:

"The increase in travelers has resulted in an increase in secondary outbreaks, with a total of 153, distributed in 17 popular councils, comprising 70 districts and 102 medical offices."

In this regard, Daniel Fuente Milanés, president of the Municipal Defense Council, specified that reinforced surveillance will be applied with limitation of movement to three blocks: one from the 73rd district of the Edén-Juruquey popular council, another from the 58th district corresponding to Vigía -Florat, and finally, a block from constituency 27 of the Jayamá popular council.

Ariel Santana Santisteban, president of the Provincial Defense Council, in correspondence with the provisions added: “The number of travelers decreased, we have closed the entrances to the city and we are going to continue taking other measures, but we must have a good supply, it is not going to stop food production, processing centers are not going to close ”.

In the same way, the stores will maintain the usual hours of attention to the population and in the bars and restaurants only food and drinks can be offered to take away, and in which the community and citizen discipline will play a fundamental role.

Having a greater perception of risk was, likewise, the call of the authorized ones, in order to stop the contagion and avoid more restrictive measures, such as quarantine.

In this regard, Iluminada Menéndez Placeres said that "if we can correctly investigate and identify possible cases, and if we guarantee that the isolation is actually fully complied with, then we are in a position to cut off the transmission we have today. (Text and photo: Claudia Artiles Díaz / Radio Camagüey)