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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Agricultural sector in Camagüey complies with tax duties

Camagüey, Jan 19.- With the Sworn Declaration of one hundred percent of personal income in the campaign that has just concluded, the agricultural sector in the province of Camagüey achieves a greater tax culture and stands out in the discipline before that fiscal year.

The 12,531 taxpayers paid their taxes in full, something favorable if one takes into account the importance of ensuring this priority activity in the territory and the country.

After stopping the Affidavit campaign on personal income due to the incidence of Covid-19, in March of the previous year, the impact on tax obligations was significant, before which, the agricultural sector turned out to be the one with the most arrears in the province.

When it was resumed in August 2020, it only complied with just over 50 percent, with a very complex fiscal situation, so benefits were offered aimed at preventing personal coffers from being affected based on the production of food for good of the whole society.

Olga Pardo San Román, a communicator for the National Tax Administration Office (ONAT) in Camagüey, informed the Cuban News Agency that, at the end of the first week of January, the campaign showed a compliance of 85.2 percent of the potential total of 8,881 people to declare their personal income.

Self-employed workers, with the largest number of people -7,681-, reached 84.5 percent of presentation, of which the municipalities of Nuevitas, Camagüey, Florida and Santa Cruz have not yet totalized the delivery of their models from the south.

Among the taxpayers who have already fully carried out this activity, those affiliated with the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and mixed figures stand out, while the artistic staff shows a record of 88.5 percent.

Regarding the fulfillment of these obligations in the sugarcane sector, Esmeralda, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Camagüey, Sibanicú, Florida and Najasa are located for their positive results, territories that have already completed the fiscal year. (ACN) (Photo: File)